Being the members of the Association of Rheumatologists of Ukraine the teaching staff take part in holding the congresses of European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) http://www.eular. org


The department is in close partnership with the Association of Rheumatologists of Great Britain, research institutes of rheumatology of Poland, Russia.


Journals websites: http://www.

                                      http://www. journals.


                                      http://www. rheumatology. org


Foreign citizens of Department Internal Diseases and Rheumatology in 2018:

Clinical residents

  1. Haydar Ahmad Khdor - Clinical internist, Lebanon, 2017 -2019

Contract number 12/60 2957

Tutor – Dubkova A.G. Associate Professor, PhD

  1. Osa Amazadin Osarenoma - Clinical resident, Nigeria, 2017-2019

Contract number 12/60 2983

Tutor – Krylova A.S. – Assistant Professor, PhD

  1. Avada Ali - Clinical resident of Lebanon 2017 -2019

Tutor – Silantyeva T. S. Associate Professor, PhD

Contract number 12/60 2958


  1. Kovbasyuk Y. I., – Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic, 10.09-11.12. 2018

Contract number 12/60 3141

Tutor – Kazimirko V.K., Full Professor, Dr. Sc. in Medicine.


International internship in 2018:

  1. Ivanytska Liliya M., MD, Associate underwent a study course in Germany: - Clinic of Internal Medicine, Orthopedics and Rheumatology, Olsberg, 02-03.08.18. - Clinic of Rheumatology, Cardiology and Orthopedics in Bad Brambach, 06.08-10.08.18. - Clinic of Rheumatology, Freden, 13-16.08.18. - Clinic of Rheumatology, Cuxhaven, 17 and 20.08.18. - Rheumatologic department of the clinic in Erfurt, August 29-30, - Clinic of Osteology and Rheumatology in Bad Pyrmont.