The staff members deal with such lines of investigations as:

 - to develop and improve the methods of organ-preserving surgery with using vagotomy, as well as methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of postvagotomic syndromes;

- to develop and improve the methods of the small intestine and the large intestine surgeries;

- to develop surgical methods formorbid obesity and metabolic disorders;

- to study the pathogenesis and to develop treatment modes for surgical sepsis; antibiotic prevention in surgery;

- to develop the issues of liver, heart and pancreas transplantations;

- to develop the principles for treating cholelithiasis, acute and chronic pancreatitis, to study the issues of laparoscopy and minimal invasive surgery;

- angiography and roentgen endovascular surgery.

The staff members have published 30 monographs, about 1000 scientific papers, 15 methodical recommendations, 7 manuals for physicians, 1 text-book; they have got 125 certificates of authorship and patents.