Since 1972 the clinic of the Institute of Surgery and Transplantology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine has been the main basis of the department (400 beds).

The staff members perform:

- surgery for pulmonary artery thromboembolia, organ-preserving surgery with using vagotomy, as well as methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of postvagotomic syndromes;

- the small intestine and the large intestine surgeries, the treatment of surgical sepsis; surgery for morbid obesity and Type II Diabetes;

- liver, heart and pancreas transplantations;

- treating cholelithiasis, acute and chronic pancreatitis, laparoscopy and minimal invasive surgery;

- angiography and roentgen endovascular surgery.

About 4000 surgical interventions are performed by the staff members; over 5000 patients are given consultations by the staff every year.