Lines of Investigation:

- studying the possibilities of SPECT in diagnosing parenchymal diseases;

- developing and implementing the up-to-date radionuclide diagnosis of tumors of different sites;

- radionuclide therapy of thyroid carcinoma and remote tumor deposits;

- optimizing and standardizing the methods of radiation therapy;

- radiomodification and supportive therapy when using radiation and radionuclide therapy;

- studying the medical aspects of the Chernobyl disaster consequences.

For the last five years the department has got 1 patent for invention and 10 useful model patents.

In 2004 Full Professor D. S. Mechev in co-authorship were awarded the Diploma No. 241 for Scientific Discovery of the International Academy of Natural Sciences entitled “Laws Governing Pathogenesis of Human Soft-Tissue Late Local Radiolesions” with being decorated with I. Pavlov Silver Medal and P. Kapitsa Medal. Since 2008 he has been Le Chevalier of the Royal Belgium Academy of Sciences.

Annually the staff members hold 1-2 conferences and participate in 2-3 conferences (congresses) for radiologists, radiation oncologists, and nuclear medicine specialists.

Since 2004 the journal “Radiolohichnyi Visnyk” (Radiology Bulletin) has been published by the department under the aegis of NMAPE. The editor-in-chief of the journal is Professor O. Shcherbina.