The documents concerning the quality systems at pharmaceutical enterprises (pharmacies, drug stores), technological normative and analytic documents (TND, MQC, TAT) of drugs and medical and preventive preparations, patents, methodological recommendations for practical medicine and pharmacy, educational process, scientific, research and methodological publications, the reports at the international, national, regional and other scientific conferences, congresses and conventions.

There was developed the original drug Corvitin, there were developed and registered pharmacopoeia articles (PA) to 10 complex homeopathic medicines, AND to 47 plant compositions which are used as special foods.

The staff of the department has published 56 - scientific papers, 28 - theses, 17 - scientific and methodical works, 1 - methodological recommendations, 2 - instructional and teaching materials; there was received 1 certificate of registration of copyright on educational and methodical paper for the last 5 years. 

The postgraduate courses have been at the department since 1946.

Teaching scientific personnel, including at postgraduate courses, is conducted on the scientific specialities:

  • 15.00.02 - pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy;
  • 15.00.01 - technology of medicines and organization of pharmacy;

During its existence the department has paid much attention to the scientific work. The main effort of the research activity of the department is the scientific grounds of making, control and quality assurance of medicines. Studying natural and synthetic drugs and special foodstuffs is performed; the methods of analysis are developed; the elements of the system of assurance and quality control of drugs are grounded.

The current scientific effort was initiated at the department i.e. studying the interaction between low-molecular bioactive substances and natural and synthetic polymers with the view of modifying physical and chemical, pharmacological properties of the substances; obtaining new composite drugs.

The substantiation of the elements of the system of assurance and quality control of drugs at the stages of distribution, retail realization and medical application is carried out.

Full Professor Ya. A. Fialkov, the first head of the department, belonged to Mendeleev’s school pleiad. He organized Kyiv Analytical School and he set up training the scientific personnel and the research activities of the department. 

There was developed a method of prognosticating therapeutic efficacy of formulations according to the nature of the structure, as a result of interaction of biologically active substances in the system. Investigating the theoretical aspects of the interaction the additives i.e. polymers with active ingredients to create modern dosage forms, studying the dissolution profiles of solid dosage drugs and the effect of the additives on the release of the active ingredient is conducted. For the first time in Ukraine, there are studied theoretical bases of organization and methodological aspects of the territorial bodies’ activity of the State Service of Ukraine on Drugs Control as an important component of the state system of ensuring the quality of drugs in Ukraine, the principles of functioning of the quality systems in the subjects of pharmaceutical activity. There are investigated the substantiation of the control methods and standardization of homeopathic medicines on the basis of homeopathic plant substances i.e. homeopathic matrix tinctures. 

There are investigated synthetic and natural drugs, including homeopathic preparations and matrix tinctures, the effects of additives on the physicochemical properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (reactants, substances), the study of biologically active food additives, the development of quality control methods of drugs. 

For the first time in the home industry of pharmaceutical sciences there were studied complex formation properties of crown ethers, cryptands and other crown compounds. There were detected the regularities of extraction and there were proposed extraction systems based on 15-crown-5, cryptand 2.2.2, 18-crown-6, cyclohexane-18-crown-6; there were developed methods of quantitation of organic drugs, potassium, sodium, lithium, silver in various kinds of substances and formulations;

• theoretically substantiated the criteria and methodology for assessing the quality of homeopathic plant and mineral medicines. There were developed methods for assessing the quality of complex homeopathic medicines, which were implemented as analytical normative documentation to 10 medicines registered in Ukraine;

• there was started a new scientific trend aimed at the interaction between low molecular biologically active compounds and natural and synthetic polymers in order to modify the physicochemical and pharmacological properties of the substances and to get new composite drugs on the basis of the performed studies;

• there was made a new cardioprotector Corvitin, developed a method of prognosticating the therapeutic efficacy of the dosage forms according to the structuring as a result of the interaction of the biologically active substances in the system;

• there is theoretically studied the interaction of the additives - polymers with active ingredients, as a basis for creating modern dosage forms, the profiles of the dissolved solid dosage forms and the additives’ effect on the test "Dissolution";

• for the first time in Ukraine there was theoretically substantiated the organizational and methodological aspects of the activity of the territorial bodies of the State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Medicines (now - the State Service of Ukraine on Drugs Control) as elements of the state system for ensuring the quality of medicines in Ukraine, the principles of quality systems functioning in the subjects of pharmaceutical activity.