Over the last 10 years, some foreign professors have lectured at the Department:

- Professor P. Modesto (Germany) - the lectures on the world and Christian history;

- Dr Ya. Holander (Germany) – the lectures on psychology;

- Dr. J. Hodges (The United Kingdom) – the lectures on bioethics;

- G. Lower (USA) – the lectures on Christian and scientific founding on bioethics

Barbara and John Wilkee /USA/ - the lectures on ethical aspects of reproductive technologies

Ukrainian professors M.I. Myhalchenko and V.L. Kulinichenko delivered lectures in Germany, Check Republic, Poland, Canada, etc.

In 2005 staff members took part in the International conferences:

1.      International conference “Biomedicine within the limits of human existence, 8 -13 April 2005 Doorn, Netherlands /Pustovit S.V. /

2.      International bioethics conference “Responsible realization of the fundamental and clinical research”, 3-4 June, Warsaw, Poland /Pustovit S./

3.      International conference “ The problem of the scientific and alternative medicine interaction” 16, September, Tartu ,Estonia / Karahodina E.H./

4.      International conference “ The development of bioethics in Europe and Lithuania”,23 – 24 September 2005, Vilnius, Lithuania /Pustovit S.V./

5.      International conference “ Actual models of education and health: the ways of spiritual development of human being and society”, 26 -28 May 2005, Kiev / Kulinichenko V.L./

6.      International conference “ Valeology: present situation , directions and perspectives” 8 - 10 April, Kharkiv /Kulinichenko V.L./

7.      International conference “ The cause aspects of live systems development”, 23 -25, September, Sevastopol /Kulinichenko V.L./

8.      International conference “ Translation as a factor of the cultural interaction in the format of Jan Amos Komensky’s conception”.

9.      International conference “ Philosophy of education in the structure of current world dynamics”, 3-4 May, Kyiv, / M.I. Myhalchenko/.

International seminars:

1.      Regional meetings of experts with bioethics teaching, Moscow, Russian Federation, 19-20 Jan. 2005 /V.L. Kulinichenko, S.V. Pustovit/

2.      Regional consultation in bioethics, 12 Jan. 2005, , Moscow, Russian Federation, /V.L. Kulinichenko, S.V. Pustovit/

3.      Regional consultation concerning the development of collaboration in the sphere of ethics and bioethics, 10-11 March, Minsk, Belarus Repablic,/V.L. Kulinichenko/

The Department of Philosophy was a co-organizer (together with KMAPE and the Ukrainian Association on Bioethics):

1. First and Second Ukrainian-British Symposia on Bioethics (September, 2000 and March, 2002);

2. International seminar “ Ethics Committees as mechanisms of social control in the sphere of public health and environmental protection activities” /KMPE, Kyiv, 8-9 April 2005/

3. International symposium on bioethics “ Global bioethics: current measurements, problems, solutions “ /KMPE, Kyiv, April, 2004/

4. International scientific conference : Ethics: Updated moduses of actualization” /KMPE, Kyiv, 20 - 21 April 2005/

5. International seminar “Developing standards of ethic expertise as a way to a responsible practice in biomedical investigation: experience of Central and East Europe” /Kyiv, 23 – 24 March 2006/

6. International symposium on bioethics “Developing bioethics ideas in European context” /KMPE, Kyiv, 10 – 12 May 2006/ Materials of symposia and seminars are available in the Department library.