Medical work of the Department of Ophthalmology is carried out in the departments of the Kiev city clinical ophthalmological hospital " Eye microsurgery Center " and the Ukrainian medical center for pediatric ophthalmology and eye microsurgery National children's specialized hospital "OKHMADET". Surgical activity of employees of the Department is an average of about 2-3 thousand operations per year. Surgical interventions are carried out both in hospital and outpatient. Weekly employees of the Department conduct examinations, rounds and consultations in clinics and hospitals of clinical bases, more than 7 000 consultations per year.

The main directions of medical work of the Department are: minimally invasive ophthalmic surgery; new methods of surgical treatment of cataracts with artificial lens implantation; diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma; diagnosis and treatment of vitreoretinal pathology; diagnosis and treatment of pathology of the organ of vision in children; diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the cornea; diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases of the organ of vision; laser methods of treatment of eye diseases; oncophthalmology; development and implementation of a new technique for measuring optical aberrations, development and implementation of methods for determining the rigidity of the fibrous capsule of the eye.


Addresses of clinical bases of the Department:

  1. Kyiv city clinical ophthalmological hospital "Eye microsurgery Center", (175 beds): Kyiv, 03126, 3 Komarova Avenue.

Chief Doctor – Denisyuk L. I.

Registry: + 38 044 408 29 88

Reception: + 38 044 408 28 33

  1. National children's specialized hospital «OKHMATDYT», the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Ukrainian medical center of pediatric ophthalmology and ophthalmology (30 beds):
  2. Kyiv, 01135, V. Chornovola street 28/1.

Head of the center - Barinov Yuriy Viktorovich.

Phone: + 38 044 236 24 63

The department closely cooperates with such foreign partners as: the ColombianUniversity and the department of Ophthalmology of Lublin Medical Academy.

The department maintains business contacts with the departments and ophthalmological clinics of Russia, Germany, Poland, the USA, etc.

The clinical and consultation work of the department is carried out at the units of Kyiv City Clinical Ophthalmologic Hospital “Eye Microsurgery Center” and the Ophthalmologic Unit of the NCSH “OkhMatDyt”. This year number of surgical operations performed by the staff members, accounts for 75% from the total number of those performed at the clinical bases – about 11.000 operations. The surgical intervention are performed as at the in-patient, so at the out-patient departments.

The main clinical directions are:

- Diagnosis and treatment of the pathology of visual organs in children;

- Diagnosis and treatment of the cornea diseases;

- Diagnosis and treatment of vitreoretinal pathology;

- Diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma;

- Minimal invasive surgery;

- New modes of cataract surgery including artificial lens implantation;

- Diagnosis and treatment of vascular visual organs diseases;

- Laser therapy of eye diseases;

- Oncoophthalmology;

- Studying the low radiation doses effects on visual organs;

- Developing new techniques for measuring optic aberrations;

- Developing a model of Ukrainian phacoemulsificator.