Clinical interns, future and actual Ph D students of 3 forms of study (full-time, evening and part-time) regularly attend classes on deontology, professional ethics, the basis of the legislation of medical activity. These issues are the subject of regular discussion at the weekly and monthly meetings of the Department staff.

Teachers of the Department increase their qualification in accordance to the schedule adjusted, and undergo retraining in regular cycles on computer science, pedagogy and specialty, in particular in Departments on the corresponding cycles of the Faculty of Continuing Education of Teachers of Shupyk NMAPE.

The Department of Oncology carries out training of students in four specialties: clinical oncology, oncosurgery, oncogynecology and endoscopy. Training of interns in the field of oncology is being conducted.

In 2019, the following courses are held at the Department of Oncology for interns of the department and students.



For interns 2018 (first / second year) (5-4).

The cycle - from 02.01 to 28.02 and from 01.11 to 31.12.2019

For interns 2019 (first year) (5-4).

Cycle - from 02.09 to 31.12.2019


The cycle of specialization on oncology - from 09.01 till 16.05. 2019

Internship on oncology - from 19.03 till 17.04. 2019

Cycle of pre-certification training on oncology -

                           from 19.03 till 17.04. 2019 and

                           from 28.05 to 27.06. 2019


The cycle of specialization in oncosurgery - from 03.09 to 04.12. 2019

The cycle of pre-certification training on oncosurgery -

                           from 28.05 to 27.06. 2019 and

                           from 26.11 to 26.12. 2019


The cycle of specialization on oncogynecology - from 22.01 till 24.04. 2019

The cycle of pre-certification training in oncogynecology -

                            from 22.05 to 21.06. 2019 and

                            from 06.11 to 05.12. 2019


Specialization cycle on endoscopy - from 28.08 to 31.12. 2019

Cycle of pre-certification training in endoscopy -

                             from 09.01 to 07.02. 2019,

                             from 12.02 to 14.03. 2019,

                             from 19.03 till 17.04. 2019 and

                             from 20.05 to 19.06. 2019


The thematic improvement cycle «Modern possibilities of diagnosis, complex treatment of malignant diseases of the abdominal cavity organs and peritoneal space» (for oncologists, oncology surgeons, oncogynecologists and radiologists) - from 18.03 till 01.01.2019.

The thematic improvement cycle «The tumors of the rectum and colon (for  oncologists and surgeons)» - from 23.04 to 10.05. 2019

The thematic improvement cycle «Endoscopic Methods in the Diagnosis of Malignant Tumors» - from 15.04 to 30.04. 2019

The Department also plans to hold a new two-week cycle of thematic improvement: «Gynecological Cancer and Pregnancy: Diagnosis and Treatment Algorithm», as well as «Medicinal Treatment for Malignant Neoplasms and Supportive Therapy», «Precancerous and Tumoral Esophageal Diseases» and «Modern Approaches to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Malignant Tumors of Thoracic Cavity».