For many years, the Department has been conducting research on the problems of combined and complex treatment of malignant tumors, the study of locally spread solid cancer using modern advances in oncology. Today it is important to develop and implement the organ-preserving radical surgical interventions in the complex treatment of cancer, to introduce the modern technologies, to innovate the ways to prevent and treat complications, improve the quality of life of the patients after treatment. The planned theme of the Department is carried out under the name: "Optimization of diagnosis of treatment in patients with tumors of various localizations".

Developing the actual oncological scientific trends, the staff  of the Department for two last years have received 9 patents of Ukraine, including 3 patents for inventions. Postgraduate students received and used a grant to participate in The IBUS Breast Imaging Course Tel Aviv, Israel, received grants for 2020 (due to quarantine measures postponed to 2021).

National textbook, textbooks, monographs,

methodical recommendations and patents were issued

by the Department scientific-educational stuff for the last years