The Cathedra conducts a scientific theme, working out a problem of the combined and complex treatment of malignant tumors, using sophisticated radical operations with reconstructive-restoration component.

The planned scientific work theme was initialized and approved under a title: «Оptimization of diagnosis and treatment in patients, suffering tumors of various localization».

The accomplishment terms 2017-2021 yrs.

The state registration number № 0117U2467.

The theme Supervisor – Professor S. Мyasoyedov, Responsible Executor of the theme – Professor B. Sorokin, the Executors: Professor D. Myasoyedov, Professor P. Gordiychuk, Professor О. Yevtushenko, Professor V. Zakharychev, Docent O. Ponomaryova.

Recently published tutoring books, monographs, methodical recommendations of the oncology cathedra.


In 2017 yr The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko have awarded the Assistant of Cathedra, Ph D Volodymyr Bazas The State Prize of Ukraine in the Branch of Science and Technology for work «Fundamental principles of realization of mechanisms of antitumoral defense of the organism». In the work the original technologies for elaborating of some antitumoral vaccines, basing on xenogenic embryonal proteins, obtained from autologous tumoral cells, were proposed.