The Department of Oncology was established in 1932 on the basis of the Kyiv Radiology and Cancer Institute clinic. The first head of the department from 1932 to 1936 was outstanding surgeon Professor G.. Bykhovskyi, whose main research was devoted to issues of early diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms.

After the death of Grigory in 1936, the department was headed by Associate Professor I. Ya. Slonim, a talented surgeon-oncologist. One of his monographs – “The Technique of Radical Cancer Operations” - has long remained the desktop book of surgeons-oncologists.

During the World War the Second the Department did not function. In the post-war years from 1945 to 1947 the head of the department was Professor S. Novitskyi

Since 1947, the Department was re-headed by Associate Professor I. Ya. Slonim. During this period, the range of surgical interventions significantly expanded. Clinical practice has been the implementation of gastrectomy and operations for proctological cancer.

Professor I. T. Shevchenko headed the Department for seven years (from 1952 to 1959). The main direction of scientific research of Professor I. Shevchenko and the staff of the Department during this period was the study of precancerous and cancer diseases of the lungs, esophagus and other localizations.

Since 1959, the Department was headed by Professor I. Dedkov. The talented surgeon, Professor I. Dedkov introduced in the medical practice complex modern methods of surgical treatment of malignant tumors and their relapses. With the name of Professor I. Dedkov and the staff of the Department of Associate Professors S. Slinchak, V. Ganul, F. Leshchenko, D. Myasoyedov, assistant M. Prikhodko, the development of complex operative interventions on the lungs, esophagus, mediastinum, colon, as well as the studying of the problems of regulation of water-electrolyte balance in patients with gastric cancer are connected. This time a Surgical Department of the Kyiv City Clinical Oncological Center has turned into a clinical base of the Department that meets the requirements of providing a modern training of surgeons-oncologists.From 1971 to 1975, the Department was re-headed by Professor I. T. Shevchenko. The main topic of scientific research of the Department's staff at that time was the studying of hereditary predisposition to cancer among relatives of patients with malignant neoplasms.

Since 1976 the faculty has again been headed by Professor I. Dedkov. The Kyiv Scientific Research Radiology and Cancer Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine became the basis of the Department. The staff of the Department during this period consisted of Associate Professors F. Leshchenko, D. Myasoyedov, A. Tofan, assistants V. Zakharichev, R. Taschiyev The main direction of scientific research at this time was the studying of the results of the combined treatment for cancer, using radiation therapy and a low-temperature impact. From 1976 to 1986 at the Department the training programs for Ph D students and clinical orfinators in oncology, endoscopy and oncological surgery were significantly expanded. During this time more than one thousand oncologists and surgeons have been trained.

Since 1986, the department has been headed by a talented oncosurgeon Doctor of Medicine, Professor D. Myasoyedov. Since then, research staff has been aimed at the application and studying of cryosurgery in patients, suffering cancer of esophagus, stomach, malignant tumors of the liver, mammary gland and colon. The materials of these researches were clinically widely introduced and defended by the doctoral theses by V. Zakharichev, R. Tashchiyev, O. Yevtushenko.

The clinical work at the Department in this period have guaranteed a development of modern plastic surgeries for colon cancer, stomach, and mammary gland. Nowadays, the staff of the Department perform a considerable amount of multicenter randomized controlled research on the approbation of antitumor drugs in the treatment of cancer, the Department is visited by oncological surgeons from Italy, Brazil, Iran, Denmark. The results of scientific research of the Department staff were reported at scientific forums of different levels in Paris, Barcelona, ​​Vienna, Beijing, USA.

Today, scientific researches of the Department staff are aimed at improving of the combined and complex methods of treatment in patients with solid malignant neoplasms. Substantial importance at the Department is given to the training of postgraduate students and clinical interns, both domestic and foreign (Sudan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Georgia), and of Ph D students in oncology and oncological surgery specialties as well. The work of the Department is devoted also for teaching on a short-term courses for training in oncology, clinical surgery, oncogynecology and endoscopy. Since 2000, the Department serves as a base for conduction of multicenter RCT in oncology.

In recent years the updated educational and methodological materials are applied, the revised own programs on specialization and special training in oncology and oncological surgery are introduced, new computer-control tests for cadets in oncology and oncological surgery are created while implementing of principles of the Bologna process.

Since 2008, 12 teachers have been working at the Department, including 8 Professors, 2 Doctors and 2 Candidates of Medical Sciences. He headed the chair of medical sciences, Professor S. Myasoyedov. The members of the Department were Professors: L. Vorobyova, P. Gordiychuk, O. Yevtushenko, V. Zakharichev, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine D. Myasoyedov, Professor R.. Taschiev, Honored Worker for Science and Technology of Ukraine Correspoding Member of NAMS of Ukraine S. Shalimov, two Candidates of Medical Sciences, S. Nespryadko and Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Associate Professor A. Tofan.

Over the period of existence of the Department, more than 3000 scientific works were published, 55 monographs and study aids were issued, 74 patents and author's certificates were obtained, 13 doctoral and 68 candidate's theses were defended, more than 6700 oncologists, oncology surgeons, oncogynecologists and endoscopists trained.

In our time the Department's main teaching bases are a multi-branch Clinic at the National Cancer Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and in the Divisions of Abdominal Surgery and Thoracic Surgery in squad of Oncological Clinic of the  Department in Shupyk NMAPE, situated in the Kyiv City Clinical Oncological Cancer Center, which owes appropriate diagnostic equipment and facilities for the treatment of patients with malignant neoplasms. At these educational bases a modern multidisciplinary and personalized approach to patient management, non-invasive organ-preserving treatment techniques, a wide range of modern oncosurgical operations are used (combined, reconstructive-restoration). Conditions have been created for the improvement of qualification and mastering on specialties of clinical oncology, oncological surgery, oncogynecology and endoscopy. 

Chronology of the Department of Oncology:

1932-1936 - Professor G. Bykhovskyi

1936-1941 - associate professor I. Slonim

1945-1947 - Professor S. Novitskyi

1947-1952 - Associate Professor I. Slonim

1952-1959 - Professor I. Shevchenko

1959-1971 - Professor I. Dedkov

1971-1975 - Professor I. Shevchenko

1976-1984 - Professor I. Dedkov

1984-2008 - Professor D. Myasoyedov

since 2008 - Professor S. Myasoyedov