Routine clinical activities are accomplished by the Oncology Cathedra staff on its three clinical bases - Kyiv’s Municipal Clinical Oncological Center (KMCOC), National Cancer Institute (NCI) and Kyiv’s Regional Clinical Hospital (KRCH). Accordingly, they are working in The Clinic of the Oncology Cathedra of Shupyk NMAPE on bases of The Department of Abdominal Surgery and The Department of Thoracic Surgery of KMCOC, The Department of Thoracic Surgery of NCI, and The Department of Proctology and The Department of Endoscopy of KRCH. They are working in environment of dedicated Hospitals, in accordance to actual clinical guidelines and protocols, accepted rules and legislations. All Professors of the Cathedra are certified for the supreme degree qualification in clinical oncological, oncosurgical or endoscopic specialties, and a Docent – in clinical oncology. All of them are engaged intensively in clinical activities, including performance of operative and endoscopic procedures, the patient’s consulting, improvement of local clinical guidelines, doing regular inhospital rounds, supervising the Department’s management, doing revisions for demands of the State Institutions for the surgical, oncological and endoscopic cases analysis and taking part in work of commissions of the State and Municipal Health Care Institutions.

Among wide spectrum of diagnostic and treatment procedures performed there are a lot of comprehensive radical resections, completed with simultaneous reconstructive-restorational plasties for neoplasms of mediastinum, lungs, gut, soft tissues, mammary gland, etc. We adduce herein some examples of such oncological interventions, done recently in The Department of Thoracic Surgery of NCI for the thoracic wall cancer, for the foregut and the gut tumors, retroperitoneal and pelvic neoplasms – in The Department of Abdominal Surgery of KMCOC, аs well as oncoproctological operative interventions in The Departments of Proctology and Endoscopy of KRCH, including those, which are conducted, using operative rectoscope.

  1. So on there is a case of the advanced thoracic wall tumor, treated radically surgically, using modern innovative oncosurgical technologies, oncoangioplastic procedures, metalloplasty of sternum after its total resection, plastic restoration of large defects of thoracic wall are performed. The excision of teratoblastoma of anterior mediastinum, using bilateral pleural surgical access with a transverse transection of sternum, resection of v. cava superior and wide excision of pericardium. Аlloplasty of v. cava superior and plasty of pericardium’s defect, using a propylene mesh, was accomplished.

2)The sternum tumor’s excision with subtotal resection of sternum and its metalloplasty. 

In our time the Department's teaching base is a multi-branch department of the National Cancer Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, and the Clinic of Oncology of the Department of Oncology of Shupyk NMAPE in the divisions of abdominal and thoracic surgery in the Kyiv City Clinical Oncological Center, owing modern diagnostic equipment and facilities for complex treatment of patients with malignant neoplasms. At these educational bases a modern oncological multidisciplinary and individualized approach to patient perioperative management is applied, mini-invasive organ-preservation treatment procedures are used, and conditions are created for the improvement of professional qualification and professional training in specialists of clinical oncology, oncosurgery, oncogynecology and endoscopy.

Classes are held in auditoriums, equipped with the necessary computer and demonstration facilities. The students are given the necessary literature, and access to the Internet.

  • The Department office is located at the Kyiv City Clinical Oncological Center (Clinic of Oncology of the Department of Oncology in Shupyk NMAPE, Abdominal Surgery Division, 5th floor, and Department of Thoracic Surgery, 7th floor, hospital building). The audience of the department is on the 5th floor of the hospital, reached by lift, situated near the Polyclinic’s Registry Office.

The Head of the Department is Doctor of Medical Sciences Prof. S. Myasoyedov, Dr. Sci. Prof. P. Gordiychuk, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine Doctor of Medical Sciences Prof. D. Myasoyedov, Doctor of Medical Sciences Prof. R. Tashchiyev, Ph D Associate Professor O. Ponomaryova, Ph D M. Zagriychuk, (5th floor of the hospital building, room 502-504).

  • The Based in the National Cancer Institute (Corps 2).

Doctor of Medical Sciences Prof. V. Zakharichev is working here in Division of Thoracic Surgery, Doctor of Medical Sciences Prof. O.Yevtushenko – in Division of Chemotherapy, I. Razumeyko – on the upper most floor in Division of Endoscopy in the Polyclinic Building, and also Ph.D S. Nespryadko, Doctor of Medical Sciences N. Tsip, Ph D I. Goncharuk.- in the Division of Oncogynecology in Clinical Building N 1.

  • Division of Proctology, Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital (second surgical building). Doctor of Medical Sciences Prof. Sorokin B. is working here.
  • Kyiv’s Municipal Hospital N 12.


Addresses of the Clinical bases of the Department:

Kyiv City Clinical Oncological Center

Abdominal Surgery Department

Department of Oncology of Shupyk NMAPE;

69, Verkhovynna Str., Kyiv, 03115

tel. (044) 427-29-34.

It is situated in City of Kyiv near a Metro Station “Zhytomyrska”.



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National Cancer Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Building 2, 33/43, Lomonosov Str., Kyiv, 03022

tel. (044) 257-00-11


Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital

(second surgical building) 1, Baggovutivska Str., Kyiv, 04107.

It is situated in neighborhood to Shupyk NMAPE Administration Office on 9, Dorogozhytska Str.