The Department of Nervous Diseases was founded in 1923 at Kyiv Clinical Institute for Advanced Training of Physicians; first the head of the department was Full Professor B. M. Mankovsky, and then Full Professor S. M. Sharavsky. In 1951 Honoured Worker of Science, MD, Dr. Sc., Full Professor D. I. Panchenko became the head of the department. He was the first to found a histomorphological laboratory. 

In 1978 - 2010 the head of the department was MD, Dr. Sc., Full Professor Yevgenia L. Macheret, disciple of Full Professor D. I. Panchenko, who headed the department’s course of reflexology in 1977. Full Professor Ye. L. Macheret was one of the first in the USSR to apply echo-encephalography in the hospitals of the country. She was one of the first to create a scientific and practical school of neurology and reflexology. In 1980 under her leadership it was founded the Reflexology Service in Ukraine. 

Since December 2010 the Department of Neurology and Reflexology has been headed by MD, Dr. Sc., Full ProfessorNatalia K. Svyrydova. Since 2010 N. K. Svyrydova has been the Expert Neurologist in the State Expert Pharmaceutical Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (consultation and expert group “Neurology. Psychiatry. Medicinal preparations”).