The staff members of the department have conducted a great research work in actual issues of insectology:

- studying clinical peculiarities and developing effective methods of treatment of shigellosis, typhoid fever.

- studying pathogenesis, clinical picture, diagnosis and treatment of flu.

- studying clinical picture, peculiarities of the course, immunity indices, blood coagulation and the fibrinolytic system, clinical and genetic features,   immunoallergic change of the body,  the kinin-prekallikrein system in case of hepatitis.

- studying the peculiarities of measles course in adults.

Studying the issues of viral hepatitis, enteric infection, neuroinfection as well as the principles of chemotherapy, intensive care and reanimation, efferent and immunomodulating methods of treatment continues at the department.

There were prepared 2 MD, Drs. Sc. and 20 MD, PhDs at the department.  

The staff members of the department have published 6 monographs; moreover they are co-authors of the reference book on differential diagnosis of infectious diseases. There were prepared and published over 40 guidelines for practical work on actual issues of infectious pathology.