CONTINGENT OF TRAINEES (according to the orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 230 dated from 24/04/2008 and No. 1179 dated from 31/12/2010)

Specialization (2 months):

Physicians, who graduated from internship in any medical specialty and are planned for appointment as head physicians and deputies of  public health facilities of the secondary  and primary levels, head physicians and deputies of  other  medical institutions regardless of ownership, as well as physicians planning to be methodologists and statisticians.

Specialization (18 months):

Physicians, who graduated from internship in any medical specialty and are planned for appointment as chiefs of central administrative boards, heads of local public health authorities (independent divisions, services), head physicians and  deputies of tertiary public health institutions;

Pre-certification training

Heads of public health bodies and facilities, deputies, physician-methodologists, physician-statisticians certified as physicians or qualified in “Organization and Public Health Management” and possessing an appropriate score (order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 484 dated from 07/07/2009).

Thematic advanced training

  1. Employees of public health management bodies
  2. Head physicians of regional, municipal hospitals and their deputies
  3. Head physicians of medico-prophylactic facilities
  4. Head physicians of central district hospitals, local hospitals and surgeries.
  5. Head physicians and physician-methodologists of health centers and their deputies
  6. Heads and physician-methodologists of organizational and methodological divisions of regional and municipal hospitals
  7. Physician-statisticians of medico-prophylactic facilities

1)     Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine:

2)     Ministry of Health of Ukraine:

3)     Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine:

4)     World Health Organization:

5)     International website (Health Rights):

6)     Fund of Medical Law and Biological Ethics of Ukraine:

7)     World Association for Medical Law:

8)     World Medical Association:

9)     Council of Europe:

10)   European Association of Public Health Schools

Social medicine as basic of public health management

Theoretical fundamentals of social medicine as science about public health 

Fundamentals of public health management

Theoretical fundamentals of public health management. Modern management.

Theories of systems and practice of their application in public health.

Public health as the system, special features of formation and perspectives of development.

Technology of management process.

Informational provision of management. 


Management culture as a component of management.

Social and psychological aspects of management culture. 


Economical fundamentals of public health management.

Economical aspects of activity in public health system in conditions of market relations. 


Legal regulation of public health activity.

MANAGEMENT of separated subsystems in PUBLIC HEALTH

Personnel management.

Organization and management of public health care.

Organization of epidemiological service and its management.

Upon completing the course of training in “Organization and Management of Public Health”

1.     Physician should know:

1.1   Basics of management

1.2   Theory of systems and requirements to their organization

1.3   Methods of systems’ organization and their management

1.4.   Kinds, types and functions of management

1.5.   Basics of documentary provision of management

1.6.   Technology of management process

1.7    Approaches to managerial decisions making and their realization

1.8    Information types for managerial activity

1.9    Complex approach to personnel management

1.10   Social and psychological aspects of personnel management

1.11   Legal fundamentals of management

1.12   Economic aspects of management

1.13   Principles of organization of different subsystems in public health

2.     Physician should be able to:

2.1   To organize system and its components

2.2   To make managerial decisions and provide their realization

2.3   To organize information service, to work with different information

2.4  To apply complex of medical statistical methods for data processing and analysis

2.5   To perform analysis of health condition of population

2.6   To make out main types of organizational and administrative documents

2.7   To provide a complex approach to personnel management

2.8   To determine personality type and intertype relations in staff

2.9   To use economic control arms of public health management

2.10 To provide scientific organization of labor

2.11 To introduce rational management forms of public health subsystems in practice 

3.     Physician should master:

3.1   Methods of designing official documents with the help of PC

3.2   Methods of calculations in electronic worksheets with the help of PC

3.3   Use of fax for sending and receiving messages

3.4   PC for performing communication tasks

3.5   Methods and means of passing and receiving information via the Internet

3.6   Hardware records management and audiovisual technology

Public health manager is: 

  1. To use in his/her activity acts of current legislation, Constitution of Ukraine, normative documents concerning public health, basics of medical, economic and labor law, basics of international public health legislation, basics of strategic and operational planning.
  2. To perform public health facilities management from the position of system approach of organization.
  3. To provide interaction between medical institution and state public health authorities, local authorities, public organizations and other public health bodies; to provide execution of contracts and agreements.
  4. To carry out flexible realization of strategic priorities and development plan of public health institution with stable orientation to customers’ (patients’) needs.
  5. To provide staff management, forming administrative staff (selection, defining responsibilities, continuous professional development of administrative staff, etc.).
  6. To be informed about social economic and demographic situation in the area, indices of public health, modern economic, organizational, medical and managerial technologies, trends and principles of management development, marketing in public health, commercial activity.
  7. To master managerial decisions making, technology of informational provision of management process, forms and methods of work with mass media, business etiquette and negotiations and IT.


2 months (312 hours)

18 months (2,530 hours: 5.5 months full-time, 12.5 part-time) 

Pre-certification training

1 month (156 hours: 0.5 month full-time, 0.5 month part-time) 

Practical training

1 month (156 hours) 

Thematic advanced TRAINING

0.5 month (78 hours), 0.25 month (full-time)