1)  Hospital for Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,

   22 Smirnova-Lastochkina Str., Kyiv.

2)  Kyiv Clinical Hospital No. 6,

   3 Komarova Ave., building No. 5, Kyiv. 

3)  Medical Services and Rehabilitation Headquarters of "Artem" State Joint Stock Holding,

   17-v Dehtiarivska Str. (ukr.: вул. Дегтярівська, 17-в), Kyiv.

The staff members do a lot of clinical work, giving consultations to the patients of the base clinical units, and the patients from the other cities of Ukraine, making their regular rounds and examinations of patients, holding theoretical and practical conferences in the partner clinical institutions; they participate in consultations, publish the reviews of clinical cases in the specialized journals for a broad spectrum of physicians.

The head of the department is a consulting physician in Feofaniya Clinical Hospital, the Security Service of Ukraine Hospital and the other medical institutions of Kyiv.