1. Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 8 (Allergy Unit No. 2 and Polyclinic Unit of the City Allergy Center).

8 Kondratiuka Str.,

04112 Kyiv,

Phone 044-4322718.


2. ClinicofImmunologyandAllergology Forpost

2 Tverska Str., Kyiv

Phone 044-5022262.


3. National Scientific Centre of M. D. StrazheskoInstitute of Cardiology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

5A Narodnoho opolchennia Str., Kyiv

Phone 044-2756622.

4. Kyiv Center of Clinical Immunology on the base of Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 1

121 Kharkivske Highway, Kyiv

Phone 044-5608822.