The staff members of the Department of Children’s Psychoneurology were the first ones at the Academy to  begin teaching paediatric neurology in 1969.

The first head of the department was Full Professor P. I. Kovalenko. In 1975 Full Professor L. O. Bulakhovaheaded the department.


L. O. Bulakhova

The founder of the pedagogical and practical school of paediatric neurology in Ukraine was Associate Professor O. M. Sahan


O. M. Sahan

In 1996 - 2003 the Subdivision of Children’s Neurology (head – Associate Professor T. V. Konoplianko)  was part of the Department of Neurology №2 (head - Full Professor A. Yu. Rudenko).


T. V. Konoplianko

The main objective of the department is training children’s neurologists and improving knowledge and skills of such physicians as children’s neurologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians, physicians of general practice - family medicine, as well as neurologists, medical psychologists in postgraduate paediatric neurology.

The main areas of the department's activity is in improving diagnosis and treatment of nervous diseases in children, including  infantile cerebral paralysis, epilepsy, in developing the aspects of neonatal neurology, neuroinfection consequences, neurogenetics, interdisciplinary research in neurosurgery and psychiatry in children, social paediatrics, rehabilitation and the other medical and organizational technologies favoring the improved assistance to disabled children.

In 2003-2012 the department was headed by MD, PhD, Associate Professor V. Yu. Martynyuk, Director of the Ukrainian Medical Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Organic Lesions of the Nervous System of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Chief Freelance Paediatric Neurologist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Honored Doctor of Ukraine


V. Yu. Martynyuk, Full Member of the International Child Neurology Association (ICNA).

Since 2013 the department has been headed by Honoured Doctor of Ukraine, MD, Dr. Sc., Associate Professor R. O. Moiseienko. Her main research and practical efforts focus on social medicine, in particular, social pediatrics.