The Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology and Intensive Care carries out medical and advisory work at clinical bases - Kyiv City Children's Clinical Hospitals #1 and #2, National Children's Specialized Hospital "OKHMATDYT". The employees of the department follow up the basic departments of anesthesiology and intensive care daily and around the clock, are directly involved in carrying out complex anesthetic support and in intensive care of patients of the basic departments, consult and treat serious patients in the specialized departments of Kyiv hospitals, take part in the development of implementation acts in clinics.

Clinical sites of the department

Kyiv City Children's Clinical Hospital №1

Bogatyrska Street, 30

tel. 201-32-24

National Children's Specialized Hospital "OKHMATDYT".
V. Chornovil Street, 28/1
tel. 236-10-03

Kyiv City Children's Clinical Hospital №2 Alisher Navoi Street, 3

The supervision of the base departments of anaesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care.

Advisory and therapeutic work in the specialised in-patient units of the city.  The first-hand participation in the intensive care of the patients of the base units.

The first-hand participation in rendering the complex anaesthetic maintenance in the base unit.

Emergency and air medical service advisory and therapeutic work at the paediatric regional centres of anaesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care.