The foreground lines of investigation are:

- Optimizing treatment-and-rehabilitation measurements for children with combined digestive pathology. The clinical and pathogenetic ground of treating secretory and motor disorders in chronic gastroduodenitis in children.

- The features of psychophysical development of the infants born due to the assisted reproductive technologies.

- Perinatal lesion of the CNS.

Due to the findings the staff members acquired 36 patents, about 30 certificates of authorship, 7 innovations, more than 30 innovation proposals.

In the last two years the staff members have held the theoretical and practical workshops for realizing the National Continuing Education Program of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (there have been read 60 lectures and given masterclasses in the regions of Ukraine).

In 2010 on the initiative of the department and with the support of UNICEF, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and NMAPE the Baby Friendly Hospital was founded at one of the clinical bases of the department.

The staff members have held 4 international theoretical and practical conferences dealing with the actual issues of paediatrics.

The residency and internship paediatricians are engaged in research, they develop own research projects as consistent with the foreground lines of the department’s scientific effort.