On March 18-19, 2019, the Assoc. Prof. of Department of Oncology in the Shupyk NMAPE Ponomaryova O. V., MD, PhD took part in a regular European Summit of the Society of Clinical Research Facilities (Sites), which was held in London, UK. Since 2006, the European Summit of the Society of Clinical Research Facilities (Sites) focuses on improving of effectiveness in research on various health-related issues, as well as on the growth of the contribution for groups, taking part in international clinical trials in frames of the research enterprises.

ESPRESO TV channel, program «PROdzorovia» with the well-known Ukrainian journalist Irina Koval and head of the Department of Ophthalmology of the Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, head of the Board of the «Association of Children's Ophthalmologists and Optometrists of Ukraine», professor Sergey Rykov, was directly consulted 12 patients and informed the millionth audience of viewers about eye diseases, recent achievements of modernity in ophthalmology, new perspectives on the pathogenesis of glaucomatous process, modern diagnostic methods and new principles of treatment of the main ophthalmopathology.

Present time requires the improvement of grant of Medicare to the population of Ukraine, improvement and introduction of new forms of studies of doctors of establishments of health protection all patterns of ownership.

The new law on continuous postgraduate education of doctors challenges Shupyk NMAPE clinical departments and encourage to implement training plan as escalating competition in the education sphere, including the private institutions.

High rates of glaucoma morbidity in Ukraine (19.9% in 2018), the difficulties of early, timely diagnosis and serious prognosis, cause constant attention to this disease, both scientists and practical ophthalmologists.

Implementation of different methods of practical skils evaluation of anesthesiology and intensive therapy residents

It is difficult to find a more advanced field of medicine, such as anesthesiology and intensive medicine. The constant development of scientific and medical knowledge, the introduction of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, close links with other areas of medicine explains anesthesiology much larger.