In August and September, 2020 there were delivered two considerable events at the Department of Foreign Languages, i.e. administering exams in English and giving English classes online to a healthcare management master's degree holders..

The exams in English were conducted according to the advanced study program, including: preparing students to be able to analyze, manage, and improve different aspects of the health care system, doing courses which cover the areas of advocacy, policy, and administration. The program offers students the opportunity to choose to specialize in a variety of areas, whereas the curriculum consists of a combination of class work, research and a thesis. 

As health care is one of the biggest hiring industries in the country, so those who earn a healthcare management degree benefit. Depending on their interests, individuals may choose to work in clinical health management, health administration, welfare management and policies, leadership in health, nursing management, and pharmaceutical marketing. Employers may include hospitals, clinics, long-term care centers, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms, management consulting, financial institutions, and federal and state bureaus.

All the mentioned above greatly emphasizes learning English at the Department of Foreign Languages.

The study program also allows students time and space for both their studies and personal development that fits into their working life. The quality of the modules is supposed to be convinced them. The shared experience around the module discussions will be a great learning platform. It will be wonderful speaking to the course mates across the globe. They will be able to use the modules the students are learning in the real-life work experiences, which are amazing and make studying a lot easier!

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