On September 16-18, 2020, the XI International Medical Forum "Innovations in Medicine - Health of the Nation" and the IX International Medical Congress "Introduction of the modern achievements of medical science in the practice of health care of Ukraine" took place in the field of health care of Ukraine.

We interns of the Department of Oncology of Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education in the first year of study in the specialty "Clinical Oncology" with the head of the department Professor Prokop Gordiichuk took an active part in this event. We saw a lot of the works which was presented mostly by young doctors-scientists. They presented the personal and clinical experience of their institutions on topical issues of early and modern diagnosis of malignant neoplasms of different localization, screening of diseases, the acquisition of applied oncology in the diagnostic and treatment of metastatic lesions. Particular attention is paid to the algorithm of complex treatment of malignant diseases, assessment of the quality of treatment.

One of the sections was devoted to the problem of breast cancer, presented molecular genetic researches that are important for diagnostic, choice of treatment tactics and prediction of the prognosis of the disease. At the specialized sites of the international companies Forum was introduce the newest medical techniс achivements. We had the opportunity to test and get acquainted with the specificity of their practical application in oncology. Get acquainted with modern requirements and opportunities for individual protection of medical staff and patients.

We was gotten the opportunity to acquire and practice skills in a master class of ultrasound and functional diagnostics under the guidance of experienced specialists of the Department of Radiology of Shupyk NMAPE.

The acquired experience of training, communication with speakers of the Forum for us interns of the first year is important in formation algorithm of diagnostics tactics, combined and complex treatment, supporting therapy. We get skills in working with clinical trials, their implementation in the practice of oncologists, deepened the understanding of the scientific papers structure and their coverage at conferences, symposia.

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