During the quarantine period, which probably covered every family in Ukraine, causing a lot of inconvenience to both medical and non-medical families, the Department of Anesthesiology and IT, headed by Professor Oleg Loskutov, decided to create for all interested doctors who even in such difficult times wants to study and walk alongside public medical life, a series of lectures of a professional school-seminar "COVID-19 - an overview of problematic issues."

Lectures, created on the basis of the most modern international protocols for diagnosis, treatment, prevention of COVID-19, were read online and presented to anyone on the Medical Education Portal. The presented lecture material covered such important issues for the current situation in Ukrainian medicine as neuroinvasion and neurological complications in COVID-19 (Professor Oleg Loskutov), ​​extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in COVID-19 (Associate Professor Alexander Druzhina), management of severe airways in patients on COVID-19 (associate professor Oleksiy Domoratsky), high-flow nasal oxygenation and non-invasive ventilation in COVID-19 (associate professor Maxim Pylypenko), features of infusion therapy and in patients with COVID-19, coronavirus infection in concomitant diabetes mellitus, professor immunity and immunocompetent cells (Associate Professor Mykhailo Bondar), the use of PPE in COVID-19 (Associate Professor Inna Kuchynska), clinical features of the manifestation of COVID-19 (Associate Professor Dmytro Dziuba).

Our lectures were reviewed by more than 10,000 doctors and we received a lot of positive feedback from colleagues not only from Ukraine, which is a confirmation of the relevance of the vocational school and support for doctors in work and study, even in a global pandemic. The staff of the department expresses sincere gratitude to Professor Oleg Loskutov for the creative initiative, which gained great interest among students. In addition, at the end of the lectures there is a questionnaire on the learned information, which allows doctors to get points for BPD, which is an extremely important strategy to support the educational process in terms of restricting access to conferences.