The start of quarantine through the global and national pandemic COVID-19 changed the principles and approaches in the work of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery (Head of the Department - Prof. Savoliuk S.), and also rearranged all areas of education in a remote format.

Promptly responding to the epidemic situation in the country and changes in the format of the subordinate clinical bases of the Department, our employees were actively involved in the new working conditions.

During the quarantine conditions, all meetings of the department were held in a remote format on the Zoom platform, the distribution of functions, workload responsibilities and control of tasks through e-mail and messengers. The monitoring of educational achievements and performance of dissertation was performed in the same way with four our postgraduate students (and their scientific chiefs) in individual format and group (cathedral) meetings also.

During this quarantine period, special attention was focused on the training and creating conditions for working with foreign nationals (9) studying at the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery in clinical residency - daily lectures and seminars, monitoring attendance during video conferences, meetings, individual work with the curator, psychological support.

During this difficult period of time, interns of the 2nd and 3rd year began internship, which required monitoring of cycles of related disciplines according to the program, conducting lectures and seminars, checking individual assignments, preparation for intermediate and final certification.

The work in the aspect of implementation of the training and production plan of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery did not stop. During this period, cycles were completed in a remote format and students were recruited and trained in 7 cycles of thematic improvement.

The platform for telemedicine counseling and appropriate routing of surgical patients was created by the initiative of the head of the department Prof. Savoliuk S. Significant work of the department with the interested surgical community was carried out by holding video conferences on topical issues of surgery, gathering an audience of over 100 people.

Acquired skills and experience in the terms of quarantine reformatting allows us to continue performing all types of educational activities and tasks by the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery Shupyk NMAPE.