One of the first postal courses was offered by the University of Illinois in 1874. And this can be called a prototype of distance education. Subsequently, William Harper (considered the pioneer of distance learning in the United States) in 1892 established the first university department of distance learning at the University of Chicago. In 1906, postal teaching was introduced at the University of Wisconsin. Today, in the United States alone, about 2 million people receive online higher education annually.

Since this form of training is developing intensively, the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of P.L. Shupyk NMAPE is constantly looking for optimal options for conducting a distance educational process. In this regard, the control of knowledge and its results show how effective the distance learning methods are used by the department.

This control belonged to the so-called “Boundary control”, the purpose of which is to determine the readiness of interns to move to the next training level and to reveal the results of mastering the knowledge of the previous stage, which allows us to see their the individual development.


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