On the Department of Oncology 03/31/2020 completed a two-week cycle of thematic improvement "Modern possibilities of diagnostics, complex treatment of malignant diseases of abdominal organs and retroperitoneal space" by Professor Prokop Gordiychuk.   

Taking into account the need for full distance learning, according to the requirements of quarantine, the curator was tasked with shortly finding and using the optimal messenger or program for the adequate carrying out of the educational process. From the offered 22 possibilities it became clear that not all meet the existing requirements, namely:

- number of students 15-20 people;
- from the regions of Ukraine, so the quality of the Internet is different;
- time of continuous carrying out not less than 90 minutes;
- free use.

Thet’s why, the search stopped on Discord free messenger because of its flexibility and ease of use, namely:
- with the distribution of COVID-19, Discord has provided its users with the ability to make high-quality group audio and video calls for up to 50 people with the possibility of broadcast the speaker screen. What can be said about such popular programs as Skype, Zoom, Facebook Live, etc .;
-compared to the other messengers and applications, Discord haven’t got limited time for audio and video calls. Today, the fairly common Zoom program has a 40-minute limit, which is rather inconvenient because participants have to spend time reconnecting to a call;
- audio and video transmission quality is one of the best in the world among other software;
- Discord also did not require early fine-tuning, unlike the YouTube platform, which is configured to receive a token and use it in third-party software.

According to the quarantine situation the curator created a cycle group in Viber for fast communication, the listeners were given recommendations for downloading and registering in Discord with a request to refer to the site of the curator, and added them to friends. It should be noted that despite the different age groups of cadets, the quality of the Internet all easily and quickly joined the group, it took a few minutes to arrange a call with a translation of the workplace, the quality of the broadcast exceeded the expected. Each listener easily adjusts the volume and sensitivity of the microphone directly in the audio or video call box, which is a great advantage over the aforementioned Zoom or Skype.

That’s why, we reached a good result in organizing and conducting the educational process, I consider it necessary to recommend the use of the Discord messenger.