nformation from Olena Kostyuk, Associate Professor of the Department of Neonatology, who is being trained in the USA:

Weekly Nutrition Seminar took place at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia clinic for all nutritionists: dieticians, nutritionists, paediatricians, neonatologists, workers of Breast Milk Donors Bank, nurses practitioners… who are interested in this topic.

I had been asked to give a 45-minute lecture on our breastfeeding practices and the feeding of prematurely born and sick babies. I could refuse … and no one would make me it. But I have overcome all doubts, speaking to an audience that somehow dictates the "rules of the game" and has the latest technologies in the field of nutrition for children (especially sick and premature babies) around the world. Moreover, we have something to say!

In my report, I provided information about Ukraine (location, population, key demographic statistics), introduced the present perinatal statistics and our perinatal technologies and practices (which, by the way, do not differ in general from those used here, in the US ), as well as our accomplishments in the implementation of the Breastfeeding Support Program and the Baby-Friendly Hospital Practice. I want to say: that the more professional and knowledgeable the audience - the more attentive and grateful it is! I felt support and a very friendly attitude! Lot of questions. They were actually very curious.

Thank you very much to my supervisor, Professor Diane Spatz - Professor of Perinatal Nursing & The Helen M. Shearer Professor of Nutrition University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Faculty Advisor to Student Nurses at Penn, Nurse Scientist for the Lactation Program Children's Hospital of Philadelphia).