According to Article 7 “Language of Education” of the Law of Ukraine “On Education”, which is a framework document for restructuring the national education system, the Ukrainian higher school aims to ensure independent conditions for all foreign residents in learning the Ukrainian language.

3-5 March 2020, at the Department, there was conducted a placement essential test for 41 applicants, foreign learners from different countries, including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Sweden, Nigeria, Palestine, Tunisia, Morocco, Ecuador etc. The test made it possible to assess the learners' competence in Ukrainian, as it included such important revision tests as writing and conversational skills. Their knowledge in morphology and syntax was checked up by our teachers in order to divide the learners into groups depending on their reference level. The course will last for 2 and4 months subject to their performance level.

As previously noted the main purpose of the course was to make foreigners acquire the Ukrainian literary language, based on studying its phonetic, lexical and grammatical structures. It goes without saying, understanding Ukrainian as a foreign language allowed us to distinguish preliminary (testing), basic (perceiving and understanding slow delivery), intermediate (listening recognition, reading adapted literary texts) and advanced (acquiring the narrative and stylistic structures of medical language) courses.

The classes will be conducted by the experienced teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages Iryna Yu. Oleynik, Assistant Professor, and Ludmyla H. Shevchenko, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor.