At the previous stages of the development of medicine as a speciality, it became clear that a doctor is a person ready for the continuous improvement of his knowledge. So, William Osler at the beginning of this century wrote: “More clearly than any other, the physician should illustrate the truth of Plato’s saying that education is a lifelong process.

The training of the medical school gives man his direction, points him the way, and furnishes him with a chart, fairly incomplete, for the voyage, but nothing more” (Osler 1900).

There are large differences in the methods of training doctors after completing the main educational course. Once in a certain field of practice, the doctor learns from his own experience, from colleagues with whom he works, receives new knowledge from attending seminars and lectures, but it is after graduation that the need for training is most significant. And in this regard, the Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education plays one of the main roles.

Guided by these principles, the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care of NMAPE not only conducts planned training cycles but also maintains contact with doctors, organizing visiting lecture cycles and seminars.

So in the month of February, the head of the department held three field lectures, which he delivered at regional societies in Kyiv (Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital), the Main Military Clinical Hospital, and the Regional Society of Anaesthesiologists (Odesa). Lectures were devoted to hot topics of anaesthesiology and intensive care and innovative methods of sedation.

The total number of participants was more than 120 people. All those present expressed a common opinion on the relevance of the topics presented and expressed wishes for the continuation of further cooperation with the Chair of Anaesthesia.