On February 21, 2020, a scientific and practical conference was held with the international participation "Topical issues of diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases and autoimmune conditions in children", which is held annually by the Department of Pediatrics  1 with the direct participation of  Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education  and with the support of the National Children's Specialized Hospital "OHMATDIT".

This year the conference was held in a new format, addressing many practical issues relevant not only for pediatricians, allergists and rheumatologists, but also for family doctors, doctors of other narrow specialties - dermatologists, gastroenterologists, neonatologists, pulmonologists, immunologists. A training section on practical issues of pediatric allergy and pulmonology was also held.

The conference was welcomed by: Vice-Rector for Scientific-Pedagogical and Medical Diagnostic Work Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Professor Moiseenko R.O., Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the National Children's Specialized Hospital "OHMATDIT" Ivanova T.P.

The first part of the conference was devoted to modern approaches to the continuous professional development of doctors, to the pressing issues of allergic pathology in the practice of a pediatric doctor, and to the pressing issues of diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases.

The second part was devoted to rare and difficult to diagnose childhood diseases that require a multidisciplinary approach, and interesting clinical cases were considered.

Modern and informative reports, using their own experience and international clinical guidelines, were prepared by the Head of the Department of Pediatrics № 1, Professor Okhotnikova O.M. , the staff of the Department of Pediatrics №1 1 (Professor Oshlyanskaya O.A., Associate Professors Ponochevna O.V., Tkachova T.M., Usova O.I., Sharikadze O.V., Yakovleva N.Yu.) and employees of the hospital "OHMATDIT". The interest of the listeners was aroused by the interesting reports of the conference guests: the head of the department of polyclinic pediatrics of the Belarussian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, A.S. Pochkaylo, Minsk, Belarus, “Allergic diseases and bone tissue in children: what should a specialist doctor know?” and Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University, Institute of Clinical Medicine, Pediatric Diseases Clinic Violeta Panavienne, Vilnius, Lithuania, “Autoinflammatory diseases in children: what's new in diagnosis and treatment? Review of international experience (problem lecture).

The students' interest in practical issues of nebuliser therapy, spirometry and allergy diagnostics in children presented at the training section (coaches associate professors of the Department of Podiatry 1 1 Sharikadze O.V. and Tkachova T.M. and research associate of the Institute o Institut  of Pulmonology and Phthisiology of the State University of Ukraine named after F.G.Yanovsky NAMS of Ukraine Rudenko S.M., visited by about 90 doctors.

The conference was attended by more than 300 doctors of different specialties: pediatricians, allergists, pulmonologists, family doctors, immunologists, gastroenterologists, dermatologists, rheumatologists, interns, graduate students and clinical residencies.

Interesting poster reports of young scientists, graduate students and clinical residents of the Department of Pediatrics №1 should be noted separately (Dudy L.V., Chernysh Y.R, Artimovich A.G., Kvacheniuk O.G., Samomenko N.V. , Glogush I.I,  Romanchuk A.A.) and graduate students of the Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Diseases and the Department of Pediatrics № 2.

In total, 15 reports were presented and discussed on topical issues of pathogenesis, clinics, diagnostics, differential diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of childhood pathologies from the point of view of international guidelines. At the end of each meeting, there was a lively discussion of the issues raised by the audience while listening to the presentations.

All participants were awarded certificates at the end of the scientific-practical conference.

Thank you very much to everyone who attended the conference!