Graduate of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery Shupyk NMAPE Yusifova Sevinj (Research supervisor - S. Savoliuk (MD, Dr.Sc., Full Professor)) currently works in a private multidisciplinary clinic in Istanbul (Turkey). After acquiring surgical skills at the bases of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery, Yusifova S. began her work as a surgeon at the Medistate Kavacik Hastanesi Clinic, as she already had experience in modern mini-invasive surgical treatments for a wide range of diseases.

In February 2020, Yusifova S. underwent an intensive training course at the IRCAD Laparoscopic Training Center. The IRCAD Research and Training Center opened in 1994 at the Strasbourg University Hospital under the direction of Professor Jacques Marescaux. Since its inception, IRCAD has gained worldwide fame as a leading research and training institute. IRCAD's research focus has always been on the development of less invasive surgical techniques. Annually 6200 surgeons from around the world are trained in 20 specialties, there are 80 courses at 6 IRCAD centers around the world, under the guidance of 716 international experts. Today it is the most famous and most modern surgical training center in the world.

 Yusifova S. has demonstrated an excellent level of previous training and laparoscopic skills in a course in Strasbourg and has already returned to work.

The Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery Shupyk NMAPE (Head of the Department - S. Savoliuk (MD, Dr.Sc., Full Professor)) is proud of the achievements of its graduates and continues to introduce modern mini-invasive surgical techniques into practice and training.