Scientific conferences are one of the main places for researchers, where they can present their new work to colleagues in order to obtain feedback on the results of their scientific work. That is why scientific conferences, scientific congresses and forums are an integral part of the scientific process.

They serve as an unofficial review that can help researchers in developing and refining the direction of their research work. In addition, these events allow researchers to hear about what their colleagues are doing in their field and related disciplines, to communicate and to learn about new studies and methods that can help in developing their scientific issues.

Regardless of the scale of the conferences, their main goal is to create the community of scientists and provide them with opportunities for interaction.

The Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of Shupyk NMAPE organizes such scientific forums itself, but also takes active part in such events, presenting its new developments and research results.

This year 5 works done by the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of Shupyk NMAPE were accepted for the annual scientific and practical congress “Euroanaesthesia 2020”. These works were performed by Prof. O. Loskutov, Prof. I. Malysh, Ass. Prof. D. Dziuba, Ass. Prof. I.Kuchynska, Ass. Prof. O. Druzhyna, PhD students T. Danchyna, V. Kolesnikov and S. Marunyak).

This forum is the largest event in Europe organized by the European Society for Anesthesiology (ESA), which gathers about 7000 partisipants from more than 90 countries, the presentation of the department’s work at this congress is an undeniable recognition of its scientific achievements at the European level.

In future the department plans to continue cooperation with professional associations and participation in such forums, which will certainly contribute to improvement of the quality of scientific work, postgraduate education of anesthesiologists and intensive care practitioners.