Already fourth year in succession the Department of Ophthalmology of the Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education successfully passed the cycles of thematic improvement "Glaucoma" for in-plant training of ophthalmologists and surgeons, improvement of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of realization of modern methods of subklinical diagnostics, laser and microsurgeon interferences at glaucoma. Curator of cthe ycle – professor Іryna Shargorodska.

An input and realization of cycle are dictated by the necessities of present time within the framework of realization of the global program on a fight against blindness "Sight 2020: Right on sight" and terms of integration of Ukraine in European space, and in addition, by the numeral appeals of doctors of ophthalmologists and doctors of children's ophthalmology.

From 27.11.2019 to 27.12.2019 new knowledge on cycle got 12 listeners – managers and interns of ophthalmology separations, doctors-ophthalmologists of cabinets of policlinics and children's ophthalmology. The students of the cycle were acquainted with the last achievements of contemporaneity in ophthalmology in relation to the innovative methods of early diagnostics of ophthalmo-hypertension and normal tension glaucoma, new looks to the laser and surgical methods of treatment of front segment of eye at open angle and closure angle glaucoma, by modern methodologies of diagnostics, that use principles of laser sweepable funduscope and optical coherent tomography (including angio-ОCТ), newest littleinvasion draining technologies of treatment of the complicated forms of glaucoma, with different algorithms and approach of conservative treatment, that be used in world ophthalmology practice for treatment eye pathology.

The methodical level of lecture and seminar employments is high. The special attention of listeners is attracted by lectures, that is sanctified to principles of choice of those or other laser interferences, choice of application of the most effective nosotropic directed method of microsurgery interference at the different forms of glaucoma, and also to illumination of advantages and defects and possible complications at the use of these methods. A leading place on cycle is occupied by practical employments, on that listeners seize the modern methods of diagnostics of glaucoma, that is possible due to the newest devices and laser trainers that are on the clinical base of department in “The Center for Microsurgery of the Eye”. It promotes professional mastery of listeners and assists working off the technique of basic diagnostic and curative manipulations.

From 2020 a department inculcates the two-week cycles of thematic improvement "Glaucoma", the first from that is pre-arranged on 12.02.-26.02.2020.