Postgraduate medical education is a part of continuing education in the field of medicine and involves both continuous improvement of theoretical knowledge and continuous professional development of practical skills.

To this end, a variety of training programs have been developed and are successfully applied in practice, consisting of clinical classes, theoretical training, systematic assessment of the effectiveness of the learning process, and student learning.

Such principles have been successfully implemented at the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care at the Shupyk NMAPE. Confirmation of the effectiveness of these techniques was the assessment of the pre-certification training, made by the listeners during the final conference on November 13, 2019. The listeners noted the high professional level of teaching material, significant updating of topics, use of recent protocols, workshops and simulation techniques in the educational process. The results of an anonymous questionnaire survey confirmed the high score.

Assistant Professor Serhiy Nedashkivsky, the training supervisor, noted that the work at the department will continue not only in the planned trainings, but also in conducting field lectures and seminars.

Associate Professor Mykhailo Bondar focused on new forms of teaching, such as brain-ringing, which make it possible not only to assess students' knowledge, but also to easily learn learning material when discussing mistakes.

After the training briefing, the best students were awarded prizes from the department.

Summing up the results of the conference, the head of the department Professor Oleg Loskutov noted that in the future the department plans to apply even more structured and organized programs using distance learning methods, simulation methods, new forms of assessment obtained during the knowledge classes.