At the moment, the Department of Anesthesiology and IC continues to train doctors at the PCC from the Kyiv, Zakarpattia, Zhytomyr regions. In order to improve not only the theoretical knowledge of doctors, but also to improve their practical skills, lectures are accompanied by interactive master classes, during which doctors are able to develop practical skills, the ability to work in a team not only on mannequins, but also with the involvement of professional actors.

Professor Loskutov OA while teaching a lecture on "Cardiogenic shock", in order to work out a critical situation, he conducted a master class with the involvement of a professional actor, who sufficiently realistic worked out the role of a patient with a heart attack. The trainees actively responded to the clinical situation and effectively assisted the patient.

In addition, a master class was conducted for the trainees “A primary survey of the injured. Practicing skills in the trauma team. " At the mannequin with simulation of a critical situation, patients with combined trauma doctors worked out protocols for stopping external critical bleeding, protection of airway, elimination of manifestations of intense pneumothorax, pelvic stabilization, study of ultrasound examination protocol. According to doctors, it is the use of workshops in combination with theoretical material that brings the greatest benefit in the educational process.