Employees of the Department of Pediatrics N 1 - Head of the Department, Professor Okhotnikova O.M., Associate Professor Sharikadze O.V. participated in a meeting on Pediatric Asthma and Allergy Meeting of the European Association of Allergists and Immunologists (EAACI), Italy, Florence, October 17-19, 2019

During the conference, acquaintance with new approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases in children, discussing the issues of food allergy in children, the possibilities of its timely diagnosis and treatment in the form of allergen-specific immunotherapy. Issues of prescribing biological therapy to children with chronic urticaria, severe atopic dermatitis, drug allergy were considered. In a separate section, the issues of severely controlled asthma in children were discussed - special attention is given to the problem of adherence to therapy and the psychological state of patients.

Also during the meeting were held master classes on conducting provocative tests, modern methods of assessment of respiratory function in children. Carrying out skin tests in the form of pre-test and intradermal tests.

At the meeting, a presentation was presented at the poster section on “Possibilities of Multicomponent Diagnosis in Children under 3 Years Old in the Prevention of Allergic Diseases”, which aroused professional interest and allowed to present the possibilities of the department at European level.

This event allowed to consider in more detail topical issues related to the problem of allergic diseases in children, to improve the quality of medical care in Ukraine, to introduce the newest methods in the medical process and training of doctors on cycles of specialization and thematic improvement at the Department of Pediatrics №1 1 of the Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education and will foster cooperation with foreign partners.