In the context of reforming the education system in Ukraine and the development of the system of  medical and pharmaceutical specialists training, it is becoming increasingly relevant to study different approaches to training in developed countries. In the summer the head of the department of pedagogy, psychology, medical and pharmaceutical law prof.

Volodymyr Krasnov has completed an internship at the Prague Institute of Advanced Training under the Professional Development Program "Educational Systems, Organization of the Educational Process in Multicultural Environment, Scientific Projects and Publications at EU Universities", and participated in the two-hour ESEI seminar at Barcelona International Business School which main topic was "21st Century Educational Technologies".

The internship amounted to 180 hours in distance and face-to-face format on topics related to the education systems of EU countries and the organization of the educational process at European universities; academic mobility and cross-cultural communication of teachers and students; principles of publications in scientific journals; research projects and grant activities in educational organizations.

This approach gives the teaching staff a great deal to enrich their experience and gain knowledge that can be successfully used in the educational process of the Academy.