At the Department of General and Emergency Surgery, NMAPE named after P.L. Shupyk, PhD P.I. Chervyak, was presented an encyclopedic biobibliographic reference book "Medicine of Ukraine in personalities" in three volumes.

The book contains short sketches of life and data on the contribution to medicine of doctors and scientists-doctors of Ukraine since the Pro-Ukrainian world, the Scythian era, the Russian Empire, the Ukrainian People's Republic, USSR and independent Ukraine. Through the biographies, the decisive role of the Ukrainians in the creation of medicine of the Russian Empire is illuminated, and the historical justice about the membership of many prominent medical scientists in Ukraine returns. Also provided are biographical information about eminent scientists and physicians who, by virtue of their fate, had to work not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

The array of personalities attests to the large, not individual, determinant contribution of scientists and physicians of Ukraine to world medicine.

The book mentions the staff of the department prof. Bilyaeva O.O., Professor Radzikhovsky A.P., Head of the department Krizhevsky V.V.