On July 4-6, 2019, the traditional 4 th international scientific-practical conference "Current issues of phlebology, venous thromboembolism and its consequences" took place in Yaremche (Ivano-Frankivsk region).

The scientific forum gathered more than 150 representatives of the surgical community of Ukraine and leading specialists of the national phlebological associations of Denmark, Poland and Greece, who are actively involved in solving surgical problems in various fields of phlebological science.

In the scientific program of the forum, Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education were represented by the staff of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery (Head of the Department - Professor Savoliuk S.(MD, Dr.Sc., Full Professor) - Khodos V. (MD, Dr.Sc., Associate Professor) and Gorbovets V.( MD, PhD).

Gorbovets V. presented the program report in the section "Intervention on superficial and deep veins", representing the synthesis of the materials of the candidate's dissertation, which was executed and protected under the guidance of the head of the Department of Surgery and Vascular Surgery Savoliuk S.(MD, Dr.Sc., Full Professor), devoted to the use of endovenous welding technology in non-invasive surgery of varicose disease, which is one of the scientific achievements and priorities of the department and investigation of it continues in the  dissertations of  PhD students - Glagoleva A. and Gerashchenko R.

Khodos V. (MD, Dr.Sc., Associate Professor) is a recognized specialist in the field of minimally invasive and aesthetic phlebology, especially in the section of puncture sclerotherapy, at the conference held three practical-oriented workshops for 54 specialists devoted to the technical aspects of punctural, echo-controlled sclerotherapy for a minor invasive correction of complications of varicose veins of the lower extremities, emphasizing precisely on non-standard clinical situations.

Currently, the entire clinical phlebological experience of the department and the clinic of surgery and vascular surgery regarding to the rational use of non-invasive technologies and methods in the surgical treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities is summarized in the monograph, which will be issued under the general editorship of the head of the department, Savoliuk S.I. (MD, Dr.Sc., Full Professor), and all theoretical and practical aspects will be introduced into the programmatic cycles of thematic improvement that are in demand among the students.