In each case of chronic pain detection, the attending physician determines its causes, type, character and intensity. In order to assess the pain, the physician should suggest to the patient to determine its level on the visual analog scale from 0 (no pain) to 10 points (pain is unbearable). Morphine is one of the drugs that is prescribed to patients with a chronic pain intensity of 7 to 10 points, or provided that other prescriptive analgesics do not help.

The list of diseases and conditions that can lead to chronic pain in adults and persistent pain in somatic diseases in children include: tumors, HIV / AIDS, post-stroke status, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetic polyneuropathy, neuralgia (trigeminal, intercostal), effects of craniocerebral cortex, cerebral and spinal traumas, phantom-pain syndrome, muscle cramps, thrombophlebitis, hepatitis / cirrhosis, and many other acquired and hereditary diseases of the nervous system, spine, bones and joints, internal organs, muscles and skin. 

Therefore, the statement that morphine is used to treat severe pain exclusively for patients with oncological diseases is a myth.