To date, more and more scientific data is being published on the Internet by open access.

However, according to Larsen P.O. et al., despite the fact that the amount of open information on the Internet grows by 57% per year, the publication of the Web of scientific data is characterized by significant inertia, and their growth varies between 1.6% and 14%, depending on the type of publication and the field of research.

Although the number of scientific articles published by Ukrainian researchers in the network is increasing (especially in high-growth scientific areas), the number of medical research papers published in generally recognized international Internet databases remains insufficient to reflect all the progress of national science.

This situation can be changed due to the publication by universities, clinics, and individual researchers of the results of their scientific activities. After all, the article published is a measure of maturity and professionalism of the researcher as a scientist.It shows that the researcher can put and solve a scientific task.

In view of this, an active work is being carried out at the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, which involves both faculty and clinical residents and postgraduate students. The result of this collaborative work was that in the first half of 2019 in the foreign journals which are part of the PubMed system, the department published 3 articles about  new innovative technologies in anesthesiology, extraordinary clinical cases, and the results of scientific research.

The published works already have a number of positive reviews.

Subsequently, the department plans to expand the range of foreign journals for the publication of their research.