An annual scientific and practical conference of young scientists devoted to the Day of Science, which acquired the All-Ukrainian status, became one of the main scientific events of this spring taking place at the Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

This year it took place on May 16-17, and was devoted to globally significant multidisciplinary issues in medicine and pharmacology. It was named "Integration of the achievements of young scientists - physicians and pharmacists - into the international scientific space: present time and future." The Conference featured a large number of theoretical and research papers from leading institutions and scientific schools from most regions of Ukraine, its work was organized in 4 sections and 69 speakers were announced - a record in the history of the Conference.

At the Conference, from the Departments of the Surgical Faculty, with a maximum of 5 participants, the Department of Oncology was introduced. Works and reports from the Department were prepared by interns and their supervisor - Assistant Professor Olga Ponomareva. All works had clinical trend, corresponded to the principles of the latest active guidelines of the world's leading ASCO and ESMO associations, had theoretical and practical content, most of them were multidisciplinary. The material and results of her dissertation research was presented by post-graduate student Samuseva Anastasia (scientific supervisor – Ass. Prof. Ponomareva O.V.) in the report and published theses "Topoizomerase 2 α as a predictive marker in patients with a three times negative breast cancer", for which she received a diploma in the nomination "The best presentation of the research". Incomplete clinical material and review of literature on the topic of the future dissertation were presented in the report "Assessment of the safety of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in the treatment of the Stage III non-small cell lung cancer with the lymphatic status of N2" by the candidate for postgraduate studies of the Department in 2019 yr Malyarchuk Katerina (supervisor - Prof. Zakharychev V. D.), for which she received a diploma "For the relevance of the study".

According to the report "Interconnection of autoimmune diseases and oncopathology"  by intern Polishchuk Yaroslava, she received the first degree diploma. The clinical material of her own was used in the report "Immunohistochemistry of breast cancer in women of the Podilskyi region" by trainee Biryukova Kateryna with publication of the theses and diploma for “The best presentation of the work”, as well the theses "Prevention of thromboembolic complications in cancer patients", made by intern Tіunova Inessa, were published.

The event showed a high level of modern young scientists, their interest in science and the desire to develop. Many forum participants expressed their gratitude to the leadership of the Shupyk NMAPE, the immediate organizers of the Conference, as well as the desire to take part in such an outstanding event next year. The Department of Oncology plans to present the dissertation's theses and theses for the conference in English in 2020.