The annual conference with international participation “Important aspects of contemporary diabetology” took place on April, 11-13 in Odessa. This conference was organized under auspices of P.L.Shupyk National Academy for Postgraduate Education and Ukrainian Diabetology Association.

This year the conference was very well attended and many speakers with internationally recognized names from many countries participated and presented the new data in the field of diagnostics and treatment of diabetes mellitus and its complications. The presenters were from United States of Amerika, Great Britain, Austria, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Lithuania, Azerbaijan,  Moldova and, of course, from the different regions of Ukraine. Overall there were more than 300 participants.

The first lecture at the conference was presented by the Head of Department of Diabetology of our Academy Professor Boris Mankovsky who outlined the new approaches to the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus based on the results of the recently published large clinical trials. During the conference there were many interesting and important presentations concerning the use of the new antihyperglycemic medications such as SGLT-2 inhibitors, combined prescription of insulin and GLP-1 receptor agonists and other issues. Associate professor of Department of Diabetology Nadiia Zherdova, assistant professor of the same department O.S.Orlyk presented lectures regarding the use of continuous glucose monitoring system and diet in people with diabetes mellitus. The presentation of associate professor of department of diabetology, expert of Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine Iryna Kondratska concerning the practical issues of new system of insulin provision to patients with diabetes was very well attended and received by participants.

All doctors who attended agreed that the conference was perfectly organized.
The materials of the conference are going to be published in the coming issue of the journal “Diabetes Obesity Metabolic Syndrome”.