In the Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology named after R. E. Kavetskyi of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in February 4-5, 2019, a scientific and practical conference of young scientists entitled "Fundamental Medicine: Integrated Approaches to the Treatment of Patients with Cancer Pathology" was held in honor of the World Cancer Day, in which, under the guidance of Prof. of the Oncology Department of Shupyk NMAPE Zakharichev V. D., residents at primary specialization on "Clinical Oncology" and future PhD students of the Department have participated.

The event, registered in UkrISTEI with the publication of materials in journal “Oncology” (Kyiv), which is included into the scientifically-metric database Scopus, was devoted to fundamental questions of theoretical oncology. The work of the Conference was held in four sections, the titles of which and individual reports given have corresponded to the topics of the meeting and prospects for oncological fight against malignant neoplasms. Significant content and volume, representation of many regions of Ukraine has become a special feature of the Conference poster session. There were also master classes given: "Real-time PCR", "Flow Cytometry", "Immunohistochemistry", "DNA - Comet".

In the key lecture of the Conference organizer, Director of RE Kavetsky IEPOR, NAS of Ukraine, Academician of NAS of Ukraine Chekhun V. F. the great attention was drawn to role of microenvironment as a factor of tumoral progress, at the lecture of Director of the Institute of Biochemistry named after O. V. Palladin, NAS of Ukraine Prof. Minchenko O. G. – to impact of estrogens on VEGF and the fact, that tumoral cells can use the endoplasmic reticulum stress as a mechanism of protection against apoptosis in situations, where the cell is overexpressed by stress factors, hyperglycemia in particular. An acutely actual report by N. M. Khranovskaya about dendritic vaccines, an active and passive immunotherapy with detailed explanations of the mechanism of action of PD-PDL1 was also presented.

In addition, I. I.Ganusevich made a report on the role of adipose tissue in the tumoral process, the existence of malignant cells and how the increased body mass index affects the probability of the cancer development. The report of O. Kashuba from the (Royal) Caroline Institute (Sweden) showed clearly the limited number of the cell reprogramming possibilities, influencing in particular the oncological risks. The Department of Oncology Shupyk NMAPE of MH of Ukraine also presented its work in the oral report entitled "Correlation of the degree of morphological response of the tumor to survival after complex treatment of resectable non-small cell cancer Stage III A."

By the opinion of the event organizer the Aacademician of NAS of Ukraine, Laureate of the State Prizes of Ukraine in the field of Science and Technology  Chekhun V. F., the Conference have demonstrated a worthy level of research of Ukrainian scientific youth for the actual problems of medicine in finding of the best solutions on interrelashionship between fundamental and clinical oncological sciences.