At the department of Anesthesiology and IC there is a good tradition to involve leading foreign specialists to the educational process of the department as guest lecturers.

One of such the “hand-over master classes” was performed on February 1, 2019, with the participation of John M Allwood, Senior Officer of the London Operations Division, Great Britain.

This master class was special not only because J. Allwood brought a new innovative device for the airways control and a modern mannequin, but also because of his presentation in English without translation. At the same time, the majority of feature doctors had noted that a qualitative demonstration of practical skills on a modern mannequin the methods of their implementation was clear even with the average level of English proficiency.

During the master class, along with our British colleague, associate professor Maxim Pilipenko and a recent graduate of the department Yaroslava Dubnevich, had demonstrated the technique of tracheal intubation  with videolaringoscopic equipment, which is available in Ukraine.

Everyone at the intern's master class had the opportunity to practice in usage of various types of video laryngoscopes on mannequins and prepare for the implementation of this important anesthetic procedure in patients with "difficult”  airways.

Most interns expressed satisfaction with this practice, but noticed that the urgent needs for longer and expanded trainings with careful workout on mannequins of all possible clinical situations are still actual.

This was exactly that John Allwood and the head of the department, Professor Oleg Loskutov were about. As a result of discussion of the master class results, was an agreement to hold UK specialists this year for a two-day in-depth course of management of severe respiratory tract. This course will take place at October 17-18 in the framework of an increasingly popular International Youth Anesthesiology Conference (IAC 4 - "Trishchinsky`s readings"), which will be held for the fourth time under the auspices of the NMAPE named after PL. Shupika