Since October, 2018 the Department of Foreign Languages has trained the teaching staff and postgraduate students of the Academy for Pearson Test of English General (PTE) exam. 

The seven-month training course is divided into 3 modules (80 hours a month). All the students are actively involved in the learning activities; the academic process is equipped with up-to-date original manuals, which cover all the Common European Framework (CEF) levels.

It gives test takers the chance to identify their bright sides, listening and grammar skills, and success over time. PTE General allows the takers to build a portfolio of their language ability for further education, to improve their employment prospects. PTE Certificates have no expiration date, and it is an incontrovertible advantage.

In 2018, the Department is making steady headway, for example, there has been designed and built a language lab for the purpose of intensifying the academic process as well as creating conditions for the classroom and self-instructional activities. The teachers tend to use more Internet resources now.