Internship doctors (pharmacists) who have fully completed the curriculum and internship programs can take part in a competition for postgraduate training program at departments of higher educational institutions.

Postgraduate training and doctoral program are forms of study of highly qualified academic and teaching staff and provides obtaining theoretical knowledge, skills, and other competencies sufficient for producing new ideas, solving complex problems in professional and research and innovation activities and conducting scientific research.

The Academy has received a license to conduct educational activities at the third (scientific and educational) level of higher education in eight specialties: 091 Biology, 221 Dentistry, 222 Medicine, 224 Technologies of Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, 225 Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation, 226 Pharmacy, 228 Pediatrics, 229 Public Health. The training is carried out in intramural and extramural forms of study.

The final stage of highly qualified staff members training is their certification by Specialized Academic Boards for obtaining PhD or doctoral degree in a certain speciality. NMAPE has 11 Specialized Academic Boards in 18 specialities for awarding PhD or doctoral degrees in three fields of science: medical, biological and pharmaceutical.